ClimaEuro is an Italian company specialized in designing and production of Air Handling Units for comfort, hygienic and customizable applications and systems for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning applications. With a worldwide commercial network, ClimaEuro possesses the ability to provide professional and qualified design and support, high quality and defect-free products, punctual service after sales. Presence in the market, the experience accumulated, the focus to customizable solutions and the continuous research and technical development make ClimaEuro a top player in the world as HVAC solution provider. The desire to follow ongoing technological developments and to conform to them, puts ClimaEeuro among the best companies in worldwide markets for quality, flexibility and support.



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Climaeuro RAH Air Handling Units have been designed to satisfy the specific requirements in air conditioning and heating, for comfort and special application as hospital, industrial, alimentary and pharmaceutical applications.

Climaeuro RAH+ Air Handling Units have been designed to satisfy the specific requirements in air conditioning and heating, specially for extreme climate installation and for hospital, industrial, alimentary and pharmaceutical applications.

High prevalence fans are sized to provide 70 Pa or 150 Pa of external static pressure at nominal flow.

It is available in five sizes, with cooling capacity up to 27 kW and airflow up to 4000 cm/h, with AC or EC motors and horizontal or vertical installation.

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K-FLEX INDIA, is a part of L’ISOLANTE K-FLEX, a multinational company manufacturing eleastomeric thermal & acoustic insulation material and a worldwide market leader presents the K-PROTECT a FM GLOBAL Approved Cross Linked Closed Cell Polyolefin Foam Insulation sheets & pipes with its headquarters in Milan, Italy.The manufacturing plant in Italy is currently the words largest manufacturing facility for the production of micro cellular closed cell nitrile rubber insulation. K-FLEX K-PROTECT is an answer for various application areas requiring Low Thermal Conductivity and Fire Class approved product with very flexible still tough Insulation material which offers ease of installation along with durable life span.


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(Sheets / Tubes)

Designed for the insulation of ducts large flat surfaces equipments and pipes of large diameters. Meets the different needs of insulation for Industrial Air conditioning and Refrigeration, Industrial Process, Heating , Tanks, Vessels, Underdeck insulation of Roofs, Floors, Wall Lining etc.

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(Acoustic Systems)

High Performance Acoustic insulation K-FONIK Open Cell processed elastomeric foam ensures the ideal acoustic insulation for all kinds of HVAC and industrial noise control applications

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(Sheets / Tubes)

K-PROTECT can be used for Air Conditions Ducting, Piping Insulation, Wall Insulation, Acoustic Insulation, Underdeck Insulation, Tank Insulation and many other interior application.


FSi manufacture and develop a full range of built-in fire protection systems in the United Kingdom. FSi’s focus is to manufacture high quality products and supply customers with innovative system solutions in ever evolving markets. It’s crucial products are installed in accordance with a tested system to maintain the performance of the fire seal. All systems are manufactured under ISO9001:2015 ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout our business network. FSi offer system awareness training for installers and specifiers to advise  on correct installation and specification procedures. FSi also work with our partners throughout the design and development of construction projects.




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VIGO is an INDIAN manufacture specialized in anti-vibration isolators.


To help address the issue of vibration and noise control/dampening vibration in mechanical, refrigeration, HVAC and electrical installation, VIGO offers different type of isolation products such as Elastomeric hanger, Spring hanger, Open spring mount, Multi-layer pads, Duct mount, Combination spring hanger etc. It is our continuing effort to offer the industry quality support system products that meet the demand of today’s construction. Vibration isolators, properly applied, will improve your products. They will operate more smoothly and quietly, and they will be less disturbing to surrounding equipment and personnel, less susceptible to damage and less expensive to make. Elastomeric vibration isolators provide cost-effective solutions to problems involving vibration, shock and structural noise control.

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LIGHT PROGRESS an Italian company specializing UV-C disinfection system


LIGHT PROGRESS has been founded in 1987, it all started from a simple intuition. Like many business realities, it began with two friends studying possible alternative solutions for environmental microbial contamination reduction, without the use of chemical means. The idea was to use Ultraviolet Rays, UV-C wavelength, known for their germicidal properties.

At that time UV-C was a poorly developed technology, but it seemed to be an effective and efficient solution and for this reason at Light Progress UV rays were explored, analysed and tested.

The results were immediately striking, and, from the pioneering research, founders began a real production of ultraviolet germicidal for air treatment.





A world leading Mexican company, Cambridge-Lee Industries manufactures a full range of copper tube in soft coils and hard drawn straight lengths for AC, Refrigeration, Plumbing & Medical Gas applications. Their refrigeration coils and ACR tubes are dehydrated, cleaned and capped (degreased) to ensure tubes reaches customers in a pure, defect-free state. In addition, ACR tubes are nitrogen charged. ACR copper coils and Pipes are dehydrated, degreased and purged with nitrogen and capped to maintain the internal cleanliness of the product.

The material used for copper tubes is Type DHP (UNS C1200) Copper which meets the requirements of ASTM B743 and B251 standards.




Blue Duct is a USA manufacturer specialized in self-insulated, direct-burial air duct system.

Blue Duct offers fast and easy installation with problem-free, long-life performance.


Blue Duct® underground air duct solution is the only proven direct-burial air duct system made from ultra-durable, advanced HDPE (high-density polyethylene). Installed in thousands of commercial, industrial and residential buildings, The Blue Duct has provided trouble-free performance for more than a decade.